Where Do We Stand in Mobile Gambling in 2023

Is this finally the year when most new casino sites decide not to support native apps, with no more need to download apps from the app store? More and more Canadian online casinos have moved most of their gaming categories to the web, and we are all better off with this change. Perhaps there will be one more surge in native apps once we all start to move into VR and the metaverse.

Gambling on mobile has never been as easy as it is today, from creating an account and making the first deposit to instant withdrawals to a bank account; gambling is in a good state.

Thanks to some new enhancements and services that ensure players can limit the amount they can gamble and set a budget, it has become a bit safer for all players. The government has put a lot of pressure on casino providers to take more responsibility in identifying people who may have a gambling problem before it could harm themselves.

But there is still a lot to do when it comes to ensuring that we, as players, are not being scammed and that we can feel safe while playing. As we found out this year, one of the biggest crypto casinos was hacked, and over $41 million was lost.

Things to Look Out for When Signing Up as a Mobile User

Best Mobile Gambling Sites for 2023

How do we know if a casino is any good or not? These are the things we look at:

Casumo: The Casino that Has Everything

Casumo has been around for a long time and is located in Malta. When it comes to games, promotions, and ease of navigation, Casumo stands out among every other casino.